Thursday, November 25, 2010

~I am thankful for...

~the families who have taken me in over the past few years by showing me how to love for the sake of Christ.
~my sisters in Christ for discipling me with much patience and care.
~His grace in sustaining me amidst trial and heartache.
~the promise that He will never leave me nor forsake me; even in my loneliest moments He gives peace and rest for a desperate soul.
~the truth of truth.
~the victorious work of Christ in His life, death, and resurrection.
~God's revelation to a wretch like me.
~my Bible and journal.
~Amy Deburgh, a faithful friend who saw right through my life of ignorance, prayed for me, confronted me, and labored heartily to spur me on to walk with Christ.
~God's glory evidently displayed throughout creation.
~my daily humility trips that God graciously gives so that I might look more like Christ.
~the Ladd family.
~my Pap...I love him so.
~RBC a church thats foundation and head is Christ.
~my salvation.
~that His grace is sufficient.
~His power in spite of my weakness.
~His righteousness.
~my parents.
~Christian Ladd(He's my favorite!!)
~my 1996 Chevy Corsica...hah!
~the defeat of Satan.
~music and that God made it so I can worship Him.
~the enablement the Spirit gives me to see the beauty of Christ.
~the truth that nothing can separate me from the love of my Redeemer.
~John Anderson's guidance and...patience with me as I slowly learn how to handle money correctly.
~being a middle school that causes me to strive to show what following Christ as an 18 yr old looks like.
~the grace the middle school leaders have shown me.
~Christ, because there is nothing more costly and worth living to die for.

These are just a few of the things that I was praising God for as I drove to and fro today. I confess that I choose to focus on what I have lost rather than what I have gained. I find myself repenting of this often. His grace is sufficient for me; even in my weaknesses His glory shows forth. I need to live like Paul in such dependance on my Savior. In my weak moments of sin, I need to continually look up to see the bronze serpent and find forgiveness at the foot of the cross.


  1. I am still tahnkful for all these, but this year I am most thankful for my Pap's salvation. Praise my Lord that he is with Him.